Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New itr blog !!!

My new blog is here:
into the rhythm
Enjoy it!


  1. Congratulations ! the new blog seems wonderful. Only one question: will you be posting everything in flac/eac/ape ? Not that I have something against this excellent formats, it is just that I don't have enough space in the HD to store in other format. Eventually if I buy a good big fat one I will start migrating my favourite records to flac, but for the time being I have no option....

  2. Hi Nico!
    Yes. Only in flac (good music in good quality).
    (But if you want some post's in lossy don't hesitate inform me about this..)

  3. Great, thanks a lot for the info, the posts are always interesting and at many many times really wonderful, so I will be dropping by from time to time. All the best, N.

  4. My Name is Chris ! Dear sir can you tell me ! were is the password for those links ?